About the Sock

I’m Patches the Sock! 

I’m a real live, honest to goodness cotton sock puppet. I came from the place where all socks come from, the store. Don’t believe me? Check my tag! I sure don’t live a boring life. I mean, how can I? I have eyes, arms, and a mouth that never shuts up.

Education: Degree in Sockutainment at the School of Hard Socks. What does that mean? I’m smarter than your average sock!

How do I know I’m a sock puppet?
Hmmm….I have buttons for eyes, I have no legs, and you can clearly see a human arm sticking out of my butt. Duh! There is no reason to deny it it what makes me, me!

Who’s that hand inside me belong to?
Well that’s the one question I’ll never answer! Muhahaha! 

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