The Dos and Don'ts.

Here are a few simple rules when chatting with the Sock Puppet. Break any of these, you’ll be blocked and reported. Above all, this is for entertainment and fun, something fresh and unique in today’s world.
  1. Be respectful.This is not a forum for spewing hatred of any kind, i.e. racial, religious, political, gender, sexual, or other sensitive topics.
  2. No spam. Don’t self promote or post any spam related messages. This includes Follow Trains and Follow 4 Follows.
  3. No porn or adult content.No adult content of any kind will be tolerated and this includes fetish, sexual puns and favors.
  4. The puppeteer wishes to remain anonymous.Here, it’s all about the sock puppet not the hand inside of it. Yes, you can clearly see the arm but that’s all part of the fun. Any questions about the puppeteer particularly regarding identity, age, gender, and whereabouts will be ignored.
Remember, the puppet may be a sock, but the puppeteer is a human with feelings.

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